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Spa and beauty treatments at the Hotel Jägerheim in Selva di Val Gardena.

Soothing massages, cleansing and firming facial treatments, peelings, nourishing body packs and wraps as well as various cosmetic treatments are available for you.

We are always available for information, prices and bookings.
Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours in advance; for cancellations within 24 hours prior to the treatment, a fee will be charged.
Our Beauty-Manager would be glad to welcome you!


Simply lean back and forget all your sorrows. A soothing massage helps to loosen your muscles, reduce you stress-level or just to forget the rest of the world for a while. Let yourself go!

Alpine Sport

Due to targeted frictioning and stretching of the tissue with all natural arnica flower products, this massage is ideal before and after sports activities.

50 min.
+ Arnica sport wrap 55 min.

(Relax) Full Body

A massage to stimulate the blood flow, relax and tone up your muscles! The classic, for body and soul.

45 min.

Vital Aroma Pure

Balancing and deeply relaxing massage, to give the precious feeling of holistic harmony. The combination of high quality pure essential oils and plant-derived oils, transform the soothing touch of the hands into a truly relaxing scent experience.

60 min.


Delicate and harmonic hand movements reduce stress, stimulate the spiritual vitality and strengthen the immune system. A high sense of well-being is guaranteed!

45 min.

Herbal Stamp

This massage with herbal pouches, strengthens the tissue and the muscles and stimulates the energy flow. An excellent choice to increase body wellness and gain new strength and vitality. Recommended after sport activities.

50 min.


Increases the blood flow and evens the skin, with specific massage techniques and high quality products.

45 min.
+ body peeling 60 min.

My (Personal) Massage

A body-tailored massage that can be adjusted according to your personal needs.

45 min.

Vital Dorsalis

A combination of alpine tradition and proven techniques of ancient cultures, that harmonize body and soul. Pleasant sounds, energetic massage and cupping techniques will produce vibrancy throughout your body.

50 min.

Partial Massage – Back | Legs | Feet

Spoil yourself with a little pleasure to relax, sooth your muscles and leave your problems behind.

25 min.

Foot Reflexology

A foot reflexology massage is a complete naturopathic treatment, that reaches the entire body, mind and soul. The energy flows can be restored, tensions can be relieved and pain alleviated.

30 min.

Face | Décolleté

Revitalizing moments of relax and streamlining of the face muscles.

30 Min.
+ face peeling 40 min.

Kids - 4 to 14 years

Our little guests could need a little regeneration too!

25 min.

Face Treatments

Scientific alpine natural cosmetics. At the basis of these individual face treatments are cold-pressed vegetal oils, rich alpine mineral-water and a multi-active principle complex. A true beauty-cocktail for your skin. And after every treatment, you‘ll get a pleasant free aftercare!

For dry skin

Like a walk in a warm summer rain... Dry epidermis is revitalized and remoisturized trough the active ingredients of black elder, cowberry, blueberry and mullein, providing all it takes for a glowing skin.

60 min.

For sensitive skin

A synergy of mild ingredients, like berry extracts enriched with high-grade agents of marigold and alpine-lavender, will carefully redefine your skin-conditions and let your skin shine in a new freshness.

60 min.

For mature skin

A special care ritual for the mature and demanding skin! Yeast and alchemilla-extracts provide anti-aging-substances, stimulate the regeneration-process and have a firming effect. For a brighter and younger appearance.

60 min.

For impure skin

High end power and vitality for skin that tends to impurities. An exclusive bouquet of cranberry, cowberry and elder refines the pores and supports the natural self-regulation properties of the skin.

60 min.


The puberty is very often related to skin impurities, acne and oily skin. With our specialized products and focused treatments, we’re able to alleviate and/or prevent these symptoms.

60 min.

Body Scrubs

A fountain of youth for your skin!


The hay flower body scrub is enriched with fine pink mountain salt. It cleanses the skin, exfoliating, regenerating and hydrating it, leaving it brighter, smoother and softer.

30 min.

Rock salt | Swiss pine & honey

This awesome body care treatment reactivates the natural self-protection properties of the skin, stimulates it‘s regenerative ability, pleasantly removes dead skin flakes and moisturizes the tissue.

30 min.

Rock salt | Arnica & rosemary

The essential oils of the alpine arnica and those of the rosemary can enhance the blood flow, regenerate and tighten the connective tissue. A special scrub for a delicate and radiant skin.

30 min.

Himalayan salt | Jojoba-oil & brier

The enchanting fragrance of the brier and the rich care of the jojoba-oil will definitely satisfy your skin’s needs.

30 min.

Himalayan salt | Lavender flowers

With 100% natural essential lavender-oil, that nourishes and refreshes your skin in depth.

30 min.

Dead sea salt | Coconut-oil

The coconut-oil gives to this scrub not only an amazing aroma, but also an anti-inflammatory and nutritional enhancing effect. That’s why it is recommended for sensitive skin.

30 min.

Body Packs/Wraps

During a pack/wrap the body is packed into heated blankets, after being treated with specific products. That allows the treatment to penetrate deeper into the tissue, for a complete care of the human organism. To allow an even deeper and intense absorption of the nutrients, we recommend a previous body scrub. The (extra) fitting scrub is listed below every pack.

Arnica Sport-wrap

Special wraps, preheated and soaked with an intense arnica-tincture, are the ideal solution to muscle pain and tenseness, especially after sport activities.

30 min.
+ Rock salt body scrub | arnica & rosemary 60 min.


A deep care for your skin with extracts of apple, rosehip and botanic hyaluronan, that will boost your skin’s vitality.

30 min.
+ Dead Sea salt body scrub | coconut-oil 60 min.


Intensive care with wine grapes, sea buckthorn and baobab, for a tighter and smoother skin feeling.

30 min.
+ Himalayan salt body scrub | jojoba-oil & brier 60 min.


A revolutionary body-shape pack with selective extracts of ivy, cypress and sundew. Has a firming and toning effect for your connective tissue.

30 min.
+ Rock salt body scrub | arnica & rosemary 60 min.


A firming and smoothening cure, made of seaweeds and botanic hyaluronan, will definitely tighten and even your skin.

30 min.
+ Rock salt body scrub | swiss pine & honey 60 min.

Cosmetic treatments

Face | Hands | Feet

  • Eyebrow shape & groom
  • Eyebrow shape, groom & tint
  • Eyelash tinting
  • Upper lip hair removal
  • (Half) leg hair removal
  • (Full) leg hair removal
  • Armpit hair removal
  • Bikini zone hair removal
  • Manicure with nail polish
  • Pedicure with nail polish

Body-care bundles

Let’s get comfy! For sweet and chilling moments of total relax – spoil yourself with one of our specific beauty-bundles. There’s something for everyone (at bundle prices)…relish the moment!

(Only) For Me

Exhausted from the job and no time for yourself? Experience a pleasant break – just for you!

1 Face/Décolleté Massage
1 Anti-Stress Massage
1 Himalayan salt body scrub with lavender flowers


Something for the sporty guests!

1 Himalayan salt body scrub
1 Arnica body-wrap
1 Sports-massage

Young & Fresh

For a new freshness!

1 Face treatment
1 Dead Sea salt body scrub with coconut-oil
1 Anti-cellulite massage


A little bit of relax for the whole family!

1 Full body massage for him
1 Aroma Pure massage for her
1 Kids massage


Feeling beautiful!

1 Pedicure with nail polish
1 Manicure with nail polish
1 Full body hair removal


For demanding teens!

1 Face treatment for impure skin
1 Dead Sea salt body scrub with coconut-oil
1 Back-massage

No Cellulite

And the skin gets more even!

1 Rock salt body scrub with alpine arnica & rosemary
1 Anti-cellulite body pack
1 Anti-cellulite massage


The firming body-care bundle

1 Himalayan salt body scrub with jojoba-oil & brier
1 Firming body pack
1 Full body massage
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