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For all sauna enthusiasts!

Since 4th December 2010 our hotel has been boasting a new jewel: spoil yourself in our 160 m² big wellness area built exclusively with natural materials (stone, wood) and enjoy the breathtaking view on the mountains Sassolungo and Sassopiatto and on the Alpe di Siusi. Don't miss the special onpourings in our Swiss pine sauna, which are a must for the perfect relaxation after an exiting day on the numerous slopes in winter or after a fantastic hike in summer.

Our Wellness center is a NUDIST AREA. For hygienic reasons it is FORBIDDEN to enter our Saunas with any bathrobe, bikinis or underwear!

Our Wellnessarea

Swiss pine sauna (90° C)

Our 16 m² big Finnish sauna is made of natural local Swiss pine wood and natural stone slabs. Enjoy this unique experience in a beneficial and relaxing atmosphere.

„Bergkristall“ turkish bath 40°C

Chill out and relax in our new sauna, more fun during our „Aufguss“ with different honey, coffee, sugar and healing earth peelings and do not miss the beneficals effects for skin and the respiratory tract!

Relaxation room

Breathe easy in the absolute silence relax area with waterbeds, made of natural pine wood. With his soothing and calming effect leaves your body and soul come rest.

Hot tub

our multifunctional hot tub with amazing panoramic view on the surrounding mountains sooths your back and your muscles and get you back on your feet again.


After a sauna session or an onpouring, our ice-cold waterfall will revitalise your spirits.

Crash Eis

Rubbing certain parts of your body with ice after having a sauna has curative effects and stimulates the blood flow.

Special onpourings – Sauna for aficionados

Three times weekly, we offer a special onpouring with honey, salt, sugar, healing earth, yogurt-based creams, rose creams and other products. With musical background. For our onpourings we use only pure essential oils without additives and chemical substances.

Some examples of our special onpourings:

Use of honey

Already the ancient Greeks appreciated the fluid gold as, according to mythology, the gods owed their immortality to it!
Already the ancient Greeks appreciated the fluid gold as, according to mythology, the gods owed their immortality to it!
Honey has a strong antibacterial effect and is recommended as wound healing and fever-lowering remedy in natural medicine.
In skin care, honey plays an important part. Thanks to its high sugar content, honey is a great moisturizer and keeps the skin elastic. Moreover, it relaxes the muscles and stimulates the microcirculation of the capillaries. The presence of rare acids and amino acids contributes to the preservation of the skin's protective layer; the pH-value of the skin is lowered on 5.4 so that impurities caused by an inadequate pH-value vanish.

Use of rose cream

This cream with rose extract is a precious skin care product. It has above all a moisturizing effect and confers a fantastic smell of roses to the whole body.

Salt peeling

Massage salt supplies the skin with important minerals (besides sodium chloride there are other 82 trace elements to be found in salt such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, zinc and iron). The peeling effect removes dead skin cells revealing a smooth and soft skin after the treatment. The salt stabilizes the humidity level of the skin and stimulates the metabolism as well as the circulation. It is also effective against cellulite bumps. Furthermore, magnesium has an antibacterial effect and calcium relieves itching.

Use of healing earth

Healing earth is particularly rich in precious minerals and trace elements as for example silicon, aluminium, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and manganese. There can even be found traces of gold, silver and copper in it. Besides supplying the skin with minerals and trace elements, it stimulates the circulation and the metabolism detoxifying and making it tight and smooth. Healing earth is also effective against the formation of cellulite and helps to alleviate rheumatic and arthritic complaints.


You can use our massage service from 3:30 to 7:30 pm Monday through Friday.
Our massage therapist Elke will be glad to welcome you.

Vitalis Massage Resonanz-Dorsalis

The exclusive program for the back

A combination of alpine tradition and proven techniques of ancient cultures to bring body and mind in balance. The body is vibrated by sound, energetic massage and cupping methods.

Vitalis Massage Aroma Pure

Aromatherapy Massage with 100% pure essential oils

Balancing and deeply relaxing massage to give the precious feeling of holistic harmony. The combination of high quality pure essential oils and plant-derived oils transform the soothing touch of the hands into a truly relaxing scent experience.

Vitalis Massage Vitaboli

The herbal pouches massage vitalboli strengthens tissues and muscles and stimulates the energy flow. This excellent massage increases body wellness giving new strength and vitality. Recommended after sport activities.
Ideale Anwendung nach sportlichen Aktivitäten.

Other massages

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Antistress Massage
  • Anticellulite Massage
  • Full-Body massage
  • Sport Massage
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Back massage
  • Facial massage

Our face care treatments

Facial care for dry skin

Like a walk in a warm summer shower...
Dry sky is revitalized and treated with moisture. A special flower steam bath and apple extracts turn this treatment into a true experience.

Facial care for sensitive skin

A short vacation for skin and soul. Skin irritation and blemishes are reduced; the skin’s tint appears more even, well-kept and glowing. The product uses the essence of blueberries to cool the skin and strengthen blood vessels.

Facial care for impure skin

Power and vitality of the highest level for skin with impurities and/or bad circulation. A hay flower base have an invigorating effect on the skin and improve circulation. The skin's vitality and elasticity are returned.

Facial care for mature skin

An extra-special care ritual for mature skin. A holistic treatment, tailored to the individual, supports cellular turnover and awakens slumbering synergies. The functional effects of this product line – including nanoemulsions, active ingredients from phyto-extracts, selected “hormone-like” extracts and natural antioxidants – are vitality and harmony.

Facial care for all skin types

Deep cleansing for every skin type. The facial skin is extensively cleaned with herbal hot compresses, gently opening the pores. This results in finer pores and a clearer facial tint. While the mask is working, your feet’s reflex points will be spoiled. A cleansing both inside and out.

Our body treatments

Hay flowers body scrub

The hay flowers body scrub is enriched with fine rose mountain salt. It cleanses the skin by exfoliating, regenerating and hydrating it, leaving it bright, smooth and soft. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.I agree